Bungie Fitness | Dance

Bungee Fitness / Dance Bungee fitness is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages offering benefits that you might not expect.

By stepping into your harness and attaching yourself to the bungee cords, you are allowing the resistance of the bungees to lessen the impact and pressure on your joints during exercises that are typically higher impact! Do you have difficulty with squats or squat jumps? We would love for you to try them during our bungee fitness classes to get that feeling of weightlessness!

We are still always working on building up our strength, too. The bungee allows us to address balance, flexibility, and core strength indirectly through all exercises. We also focus on alignment during our exercises so that whether you are in the harness supported by the bungee or out on the gym floor, you are moving with proper alignment to keep you safe!

All our Teacher Training cover each area, specific for each apparatus: Anatomy and Alignment Safety Comfort Spotting Pedagogy Teaching Cueing Lesson Planning Benefits Cautions Student Rigging Business Planning Teacher Care and Planning

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