Lyra | Hoop

Aerial Fitness — Lyra / Aerial Hoop Foundations / Level 1 – Opening Fall 2019 Our Lyra Fitness is accessible to many people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Using a round metal hoop to flow, be powerful, and glide thru shapes and poses.

Strong focus on body control and transitions to move thru space on the hoop.

All our Teacher Training cover each area, specific for each apparatus: Anatomy and Alignment Safety Comfort Spotting Pedagogy Teaching Cueing Lesson Planning Benefits Cautions Student Rigging Business Planning Teacher Care and Planning.

Did You Know?

In a world where technology demands our attention, we strain our body and mind, compelled to read every email. Consequently, forgetting to relax from our fast paced lifestyle and unable to manage stress. Even health care professionals, like Dr. Oz, recommends daily yoga style stretching for coping with reality by the rejuvenation of the body and mind.

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